Custom Webinars

When it's you against a world of ever-changing government contracting rules, you need knowledge to act. Finding the right kind of specialized training can be daunting. Taught by Jeffery A. White, custom webinars for the procurement professional are offered.

White is the founder and CEO of J.A. White & Associates, Inc. He has over thirty years of Subcontracting, Contracting, Project Management, and Supplier Financial Management experience in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East.

He is a noted U.S. and International speaker for Public Contracting Institute (PCI), the National Contract Management Association (NCMA), Federal Publications (FedPubs), the Institute of Supply Management (ISM), the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP), and other supply management and acquisition organizations.

A former adjunct professor at Pennsylvania State University and instructor with George Washington University (Washington, DC), White is one of the leading subject matter experts in Procurement and Federal Contracting.