Goals & Objectives

Our mission is to empower your firm in terms of leveraging your procurement resources through risk identification, remediation, and training. We provide resources that support you in managing and maintaining the highest level of government compliance. We believe effective communication between all parties is paramount. At J.A. White & Associates, Inc., our mission is your success.

J.A. White & Associates, Inc. is a leader in the U.S. Government Acquisition and Contract Administration Compliance Community. We have successfully worked for over thirteen (13) years with Government contractors to resolve problems, establish systems, provide staff and promote efficient, effective and compliant acquisition and contract administration. We assist organizations in optimizing their return on investment in Government contracts and their Procurement departments by developing systems and practices tailored to meet their particular circumstances. We assist organizations in reducing compliance costs and operational/business risk without sacrificing safeguards to protect taxpayers’ interests.

We are a small, disadvantaged; 8(a) Program Graduated business that currently has staff supporting clients throughout the United States. We have provided consulting support overseas, war zones, and in the wake of natural disasters. Our Acquisition Management and Contract Administration professionals provide a comprehensive range of technical and practical experience.

Corporate Profile

J.A. White & Associates, Inc. markets proven consulting services. As a consulting firm, we develop solutions for a wide range of business needs. Our Management Team takes the time to understand your specific concerns and provides the most cost-effective and expeditious strategy available. Our Vision is to equip you, our valued client, for Success.

The dynamic public and private sector procurement environments today bring constant challenges. We have proven results in overcoming these challenges.

J.A. White & Associates, Inc., maintains these Goals and Objectives through recruitment and development of the highest quality staff that are committed to excellence in their fields. Our commitment to provide quality training and services reflect our corporate commitment to excellence.

Our Management Team is tenacious about being the best. We will not stop until the job is done to the client's satisfaction. It is our firm's belief that our success depends entirely on the growth of you, our valued clients.

Our Process

  • Develop a defined statement of Work and Project
  • Conduct a Risk Assessment to determine the client's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Establish the client's ability to embrace and manage strategic change.
  • Assist in Business Process Re-engineering efforts.
  • Develop and conduct training
  • Assist in the establishment of metrics
  • Motivate and energize the client's culture

Past Performance Speaks Volumes!

J.A. White & Associates, Inc. posesses an effective combination of in-depth contracting procurement compliance and technical expertise which is backed by many years of experience. We provide acquisition solutions from pre-solicitation planning, contract support, source selection support, policy, and compliance/audit support to hosting and deployment strategies for your automated procurement application.

A specific example of our capabilities in this area involves the recruitment, training, deployment and management of over 50 consultants to Kuwait and Iraq. The situation started with a need for our client to augment their acquisition workforce with experienced acquisition professionals. Within three (3) weeks of winning a teaming agreement as a subcontractor to a major defense firm, we recruited, trained, and deployed our first consultant to the Middle East. Within 60 days of winning the agreement, we created a process that could take a client-identified need from a requisition (for staffing augmentation) to having a consultant in-country in the Middle East within two and a half (2 1/2) weeks. Our client for this effort (Navigant Consulting, Inc.) benefited from the cost effective, time sensitive, yet highly automated manner in which we accomplished our mission. The net result was that thousands of contracts were negotiated, documented, and closed-out in accordance with FAR requirements.

Client Testimonials

"J.A. White & Associates, Inc.'s consultant had the expertise and real life experiences that makes him a great trainer/consultant." - P. Overstreet, Honeywell, Inc.

"We all walked away thinking we gained some knowledge that we could immediately put into practice and use." - Anonymous, Honeywell, Inc.

"J.A. White & Associates, Inc.'s consultant/instructor was well prepared and organized. I enjoyed this training experience." - Anonymous, Verizon

"Very enthusiastic, very knowledgeable, very good with difficult material. Good real world examples, kept audience engaged." - Anonymous, Dell Computers

"JAWA was very instrumental in our preparation and ability to pass our CPSR audit. Their resources and training experience was invaluable in our preparation." - Jon E. Luksetich, Director of Procurement and Materials


Mr. Jeffery A. White, C.P.M.
CEO and Founder of J.A. White & Associates, Inc.

Mr. White has over 25 years of supply management experience in both the private and public sectors. His experiences have focused on the areas of supplier financial management, procurement risk management, procurement compliance training, and the development of supply management policies and procedures for governmental agencies, manufacturing plants, service organizations, and hundreds of suppliers across the United States and Middle East.

Jeffery is a former adjunct professor at Pennsylvania State University. He has served as a consultant and instructor with The George Washington University (Washington, DC), teaching courses in both the project management and contracting areas. Jeffery has published a number of articles in professional purchasing-related publications such as Electronic Buyer's News, NAPM Insight, Purchasing Today, and NAPM InfoEdge.

He is a noted international speaker for organizations such as the Institute of Supply Management (ISM), the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP), the National Contract Management Association (NCMA) and other supply management and acquisition organizations. He has presented topics at numerous International Conferences, satellite seminars, and affiliate dinner meetings. Jeffery's work with NAPM on the development and teaching of the web-based Course, "Fundamentals of Purchasing", in 1999 earned him the ASAE 1999 Education Award of Excellence for Technology-Based Education Programs.

Upon review of these qualifications, one can see that Jeffery possesses the traits needed to manage a successful consulting firm. As the President and CEO of J.A. White & Associates, Inc., Jeffery incorporates his proven strategies, methods, and solutions along with a client-focused leadership style. In doing so, he has built one of the most successful consulting firms of its kind in the world! This is the legacy of J.A. White & Associates, Inc.

Mr. Jeffrey R. Rankin
Chief Business Officer

Mr. Jeffrey R. Rankin is currently J.A. White & Associates, Inc.’s Vice President. Mr. Rankin is located in our Washington, DC office and is responsible for coordinating all activities for J.A. White & Associates, Inc. in the Washington, DC area. Mr. Rankin’s direct responsibilities are for all contracts, sales, and marketing efforts of J.A. White & Associates, Inc.’s consulting products and services. He is also one of our subject matter experts in the areas of Contract/Program Management, OCI requirements, procurement systems, and regulatory compliance.

Mr. Rankin has an extensive background in program managing large multi-tiered projects. He served as the Program Director for a large tracked vehicle program worth more than $400 million over several years of development and production. This program had a management and administrative staff of over twenty people and an engineering staff of over fifty people. He has also been responsible for program/contract management of several new pieces of hardware for the Special Operations Command of the U.S. Military.

Mr. Rankin has also served as the Director of both U.S. Government and International contracts administration organizations. He coordinated a staff that was responsible for contract language, contract negotiations, auditing all contract costs (bid and actual), and compliance to all contract requirements and Government regulations.

Mr. Rankin has spent the last 30 years involved with U.S. Government and International compliance requirements in actual contracts and Government regulations.

Our staff consists of

  • Credentialed Contracting Officers, Contract Administrators, Contract Specialists, Contract Negotiators, Close-Out Specialists, Clerks, and Program Managers from the private and public sectors with many years of hands-on experience.
  • Skilled practitioners who understand acquisition strategy, policy and management
  • Professional Instructors and Subject Matter Experts who can help you evaluate your contracting environment in terms of legislative compliance, vulnerability and policy compliance and training.

Why is J.A. White & Associates, Inc. your best choice for acquisition support?

We Have

  • Experience in all phases of acquisition support
  • Recognized experts in the field of acquisition compliance management

We Continue to

  • Monitor acquisition trends, regulations, oversight reports and the industry for the best practices.
  • Empower our staff with training, technology, and a Knowldge-base in order for them to provide the highest possible service level to our clients.
  • Advise the prime and subcontractor communities on procurement issues relative to the interpretation and implementation of guidance for changes to regulations

Our Experience and Credentials

  • Our staff includes former contracting professionals from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps with procurement expertise in all types of DoD contracting
    • Both pre-award and post award
    • In the United States and Overseas
  • Our staff is managed by leading experts in the field.